People are always a little shocked when they wander into Museum "Louvre Ir Or Leave It" for the first time. There is nothing about the building or location to indicate the riches this eclectic exhibit has to offer.

Although the collection includes the work of some of today's acknowledged art leaders, it provides an opportunity to see some of the finest works of lesser known and up-coming artists in many media. If you are fortunate enough to encounter Mr. Fink, you may get a guided tour; always thoughtful of his treasures.

How was the Museum "Louvre It or Leave It" created?

Gary and JoAnn gifted all the original artworks to the Phynque Phamily Phoundation, which chose to share these works with the public by opening a museum. Future purchases by the museum will be funded by contributions from Gary and JoAnn.

Does the museum have a theme?

"The museum reflects a very eclectic inventory; we buy work that makes our hearts sing." – JoAnn Fink

What type of media do you show?

"The museum displays a wide variety of art including: oil paintings, watercolors, lithographs, ceramics, bronze, cloth and wood objects. Themes vary from primitive to humor to social commentary." – Gary Fink

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